12 September, 2009


I just put my wishlist together.. It ain't a lot because i have so much already but i want more, lol..

More expensive..
- CHI flat iron
- MACbook
- Itouch 8GB

The little things..
- A dope hoodie
- Gold necklace
- Swarovski ring
- 120 palet
- Heatrollers
- Light purple nailpolish
- Long cardigan
- Lavandel oil

But yeah, it's gonna be a long long road before i have all of this beacause i don't even have a job.. And in December i'm going on vacation to my beautiful island Curacao (where Andruw Jones comes from) and in July we are planning to go to America for also 3weeks.. So there goes a lot of money! But i'm looking for a joob in the weekends and shopnight that is all the time i have left if skool is gonna start.. Damnn i don't even wanna think about skool..

xoxo, Da sweetestluf