12 October, 2009


Soo.. i am trying to stretch for 21weeks till i go on vacation in December..

What is stretching?
Stretching is the time between relaxer treatments. The plus of stretching is that it's a way to avoid relaxing hair that already was relaxed. The hardest part is after a while you have 2 diffrent types of hair and the line where they meet is the weakest (demarcation line). The most important thing is to keep your new growt moisturized this limit breakage and makes it easier. Styles like braid out/twist outs limit the stress on the new growth and is a good protective style.. As you deep condition focus on the line of demarcation and keep the balance of moisture and protein. This limet breakage and damage..

Tomorrow i will be 12weeks post.. It is going fast! I still have 9weeks to go.. During the stretch i shampoo my hair once per week and deep condition after evry wash and and co-wash after a work out or when i feel like it. I add glycerine to my DC and moisture to keep it well moisturized and easy managable. During the stretch i bun a lot so that i can leave my hair alone till the next washday.