30 May, 2010

Spring/Summer trends

The wather is getting really nice this days, feels like summer will be here in a bit! So what is the best time to update your wardrobe to the latest trends.

#1 Boyshorts and hot pants
You can rock the hotpants, the boy shorts and even the high-waiste short. There are many prints from black to pink to a bold african print. Don't be afraid to wear something bold! Also if you feel you show too much skin trow a blazer on top and you'll be ready to go!

#2 Jump/playsuits
You can rock this look while going shopping, on a date, to the grocerystore, evening and so one. You can find this suits in a sporty materal or as denim. You can easely style the jump/playsuit by putting a nice vest or denim jacket on it, some sandals and maybe a statement necklace. And the thing i love is to see a girl with a suit like this and a cute hat! Can never go wrong

#3 Lace, sheer and see-through
This is the most 'uncoverd' look that you can get this season. The lace, sheer and see through trend is great for thos who love their body and ain't afraid to show it. But remember there it something like too much. Don't wear a lace top with other lace/sheer stuff or really short shorts. You need to keep it simple and classy.

#4 Patterned pants
With this trends it doesn't matter what kind of print it is aslong as it is bright and bold. I live the floral print and stripes. The cut can go from skinny to shorts to harem pants and even jumpsuits. If you have a lose printed pants make shure that the top is fitted so you won't look like a bag of patatoes.

#5 Over the knee socks
Knee high socks is i think the trend that not so many of us will follow. The socks can make a statemant if you rock it right and choose the lenght, like if you are short like me wear knee-high sock that stops right below your knees. You can pair this up with a high waist skirt, a dress or a cute short. Which trend is your favorite?


19 May, 2010

Summer time

Summer is coming. The best season of all! But the effects of the sun can be dangerous. So it is important to have a summer/beach (makeup)bag so you will have all the beauty essentials by hand to keep your skin protected and beautifull. The best way to start your summer is to be prepared and take care of yourself.

The preperation.
- Start with exfoliating your skin. This will remove dead skin cells and build up. Exfoliate for one to two times a week this will give you a soft, smooth and healthy look. You can buy one in the store or make your own by simply adding sugar/salt with honey.
- Shave or wax every single hair on your body. You don't want to walk around like a monkey on the beach. Wax atleast a day before you go out and show you legs because of irritation. Make shure to use a shavinggel or use olive oil.
- Take time to take care of your feet and hands. Give them a great treatment and a pedi-manicure. Use a topcoat to keep the nailpolish protected because it can chip in the water if you don't use one. Always apply a handcream after swimming to keep your hand hydrated.
- Take your vitamines to keep your body and your skin, nails and hair healthy.

The beach essentials.
- Use skin wipes to clean your skin regualry. In the summer your pores can easily can get clogged and produce more oil. By using skin wipes your skin will be clean but don't replace skin wipes for your facewash. Still wash twice a day.
- Sunscreen is a must to protects your skin from burns and damage. Apply it at least a half hour before going into the sun. You can also mix your sunscreen with your foundation if you still want a teint and a little cover.
- Waterproof mascara if you won't leave the house without mascara. Make shure that you remove it before going to bed with a makeupremover and to moisturize them because some waterproofmascara's can be harsh for the eyelashes.
- Use a lipbalm with SPF to protect your lips.


18 May, 2010


I had the entire house for myself today and was planning to study but i wasn't feeling it. So i did a makeup look, manicure, exercised and baked cake, lol..


15 May, 2010

Home pedicure

Start by treating your dry heels before you do your pedicure. Start with soaking your feet into warm water and add olive oil. Soak for no longer then 20 minutes. Scrub your feet and file the heel. Apply a foot creme to keep it moisturized and wear socks to keep them moisturized. After you've done this you can start with your own home pedicure.

  • Remove all your nailpolish by using a kind nailpolish remover without acetone because this ingredient tends to be harsh
  • Cut too long nails with a nail clipper and file it in one direction. You can make them squar, round or inbetween.
  • Push the curticles back but not too much and massage curticle oil in
  • Swipe the extra oil off with the remover and apply a base coat
  • You can add any cute colors or you can do a french manicure
  • After your nails are dry apply a top coat and a moisturizer
By doing this every week your feet will be in shape in no-time! It is great to do it yourself to spare money and you will always have nice looking feets in the summer.


14 May, 2010

A flawless complexion with makeup

In the world we live in now the most of us is 'trying' to be perfect. But i personally think that perfect isn't everything but that's a different story. If you have bad skin or scars it's oke to fake a flawless complexion and still look natural because you don't want to look all paint up. Here a some tips to follow to get a flawless complexion with makeup.
  • Concealing. Use a moisturizer with vitamin E or shea butter. This will soften your skin and fade your scars. You can use a liquid concealer wich suits your skin tone and pat it into the skin.

  • Foundation. After you've applied your concealer you can use foundation to even out and blend everything in. Make shure that your foundation is not to light! One shade darker is oke but not lighter. Start by applying a thin layer and add more if you like to. If any concealed spots are visiable than add more concealer.
  • If you are done with these two steps apply a powder. If you have oily skin use one with a matte finish. As a finishing touch you can add a highligher and/or a blush to give your cheeks more shape
And ofcourse before you start follow your daily skin routine and a good primer before applying makeup. And by following these steps you are a step closer to flawless skin!


13 May, 2010

Banish your oily nose

The people with oily skin have mostly a oily nose. Whatever you do and what kind of products you use it doesn't seem to go away. By trying so much different stuff on your nose it will get prone to acne, blackheads and other problems.You need to keep it clean and oil-free.
The reason of your oily nose can be because of the weather and hormosnes. To keep your nose clean and hydrated drink plenty of water and stop touching and putting everything on it! Wash your face twice a day and moisturize twice daily. Don't cleanse your face more than twice a day because most cleanser contain chemical ingredients wich can be harmfull for your skin. If you still want to cleanse it more times a day use water. If you are into natural stuff you can add a few drop of lemon juice on a cotton pad an wipe off the oil also citric acid works. Scrub it also an essential element to banish your oily nose, you can mix honey&almonds and use this as a scrub and leave it on for a few minutes.

Hope this helps!

01 May, 2010

I found out what worked for my NG!

I'm stepping my hair game up! I am around 17-18 weeks post and my NG is acting up like usual around this time. So i know the good ol' regimen i have will not work with this NG. So this is what i have in minde:

- DC on dry hair with Coconut, Mustard and Castor oil
- Cowash with Herbal Essence Hello Hydration
- Used Aphogee two minute reconstructor
- Condition 5 minutes with Herbal Essence Hello Hydration
- Apply moisturizing leave in
- Detangle hair while it's still wet with a wide tooth comb.
Just take a section, finger comb thru and detangle with a comb
- Rollerset and sit under the dryer for one hour or so

And other than that I will apply Wave nouveau and coconut oil on NG daily or once every two days and i won't wrap my hair, i only do cross wraps.

Anyway; this has/will help me tremendiously while i'm streching. I will use my old regimen once a week on a sunday and this cowash routine is just during the week or when my hair need moisture.


EOTD: Ride hard or go home, lol

Quick update:
I had some time so i did a makeup look today. I used the 120 palette,
MAC teal amd circa plum. It isn't that great but i needed to do something
because i was bored as hell, lol. Take care!