31 March, 2010

DIY: Avocado conditioner (old post)

*So let me explain; my advo-mix is a mix of avocado, honey, coconutmilk and one egg. I use this because avocado can help promote healthy hair growth, are rich in fatty acids, it trap in the moisture and keep it locked so that the hair shaft can receive the moisture it needs. The coconut milk can help hair loss and makes your hair soft. Honey gives your hair great shine and an egg yolk because it makes your hair stronger.

You will need: Half of an avocado, egg yolk, coconutmilk, honey, a mixer, hooded dryer.
Step 1: Grab all the things you need. And put it in the mixer till it becomes a smooth paste.

Step 2: Put it in a container and wash you hair like normal after you washed your hair, towel dry and put the avomix on for 15-20minutes under an hooded dryer.

Step 3: My hair before the shampooing and avomix..

Step 4: After the mix follow up with a leave-in and let it air dry.

Step 5: (Optional) If your hair is airdried wrap it up and do a saran wrap for 15minutes.
Step 6: Styl your hair as usual. Your hair will be soft, silky, shining and moisturized.


29 March, 2010

HOTD no. 1

Very simple but cute, you can make the braid as thick or thin as you want.
just section of your bangs, take a section braid it- flip to the other side- pin it
and repeat this on the other side.


18 March, 2010

How to get rid of dark elbows and knees

I know a lot of people have elbows and knees that are darker than the rest of the body. And alot of people want to get rid of it. The elbows and the knees are the morst used bodyparts and are prone to dryness. Here are some tips to light your elbows and knees.

Removing dead skin cells by scrubing is very important in a skin care routine. Most of the time we skip the knees and elbows but in this area the dead skin cells are the reason that it's darker than the rest of th body. So the key is to remove all those dead skin cells! If your elbows and knees are extremely dark try a mild skin lightening. This can bring back the natural tone if you follow the instructions. Below some other tips and tricks.

Lemon is a very popular natural skin whitener, it's an antioxidant wich eliminate dead skin cells. You can use the lemon juice or a slice of the lemon to treat your dark areas. Put the lemonjuice for 10-1 minutes on the area and then wipe it of with a towel and put lotion over it. If you use it daily you will slowly see some results.

Mustard Oil.
This oil is a vegetable oil wich have a good effect on our skin. Mustard oil contains anti-bacterial properties. Because it provides the skin with vitamin A, B and E your elbows and knees will restore in color and health. By massaging it init will absorb it better. Massage it for 5-10 minutes and then take it off with lukewarm water.

Coconut oil and Lime.
Coconut oil has a reputation that it's conditioning and hydrating. Some peple also use it as a natural skin bleacher. In combination with Lime it wil remove the dead skin cells. You can make the combination by mixing ½ tablespoon of lime juice and one tablespoon of coconut oil. This should be left on for 15-20 minutes and be removed with lukewarm water. Just experiment with it and see what wroks for you.


16 March, 2010


Outfit of the day from yesterday. I went to school for a few hours, than got home and sleep, my stumach hurts soo much! Today I toke the medicin the docter gave me but it doesn't help it only made me dizzy, sleepy, nauseous and make me have no appetite. I can't even stand up straight for a minute because cramp hits me then. So i'm off to sleep and hope i feel alot better when i wake up.

Cardigan Primark || Tanktop H&M || Necklace Primark
Jeggings - || Ankle boots with studs Van haren


07 March, 2010

Review: Aphogee Two-step Protein Treatment

It says:
Helps to stop breakage on even badly damaged hair, when used at directed. Rebuilds hair structure for six weeks. Ideal for Color-Treated, Relaxed or Permed hair.

Deionized Water, Hydrolyzed Animal Protein, Magnesium Sulfate, Citric Acid, Ethylene Urea, Dimethylol Urea, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Magnesium Carbonate, DMDM Hydantoin, Fragrance.
The treatment comes in a white bottle with dark blue text. 118 ML/4 OZ in the smallest size
Price unkown - bought it on holiday.

My thoughts:
Men, this thing smells really BAD! I don't know like what it smells but it shure doesn't smell good. I did an overnight pre-poo with ORS repleshing pack, shampoo-ed with essations, applied the treatment from a spray bottle and comb it gently trough. I sat under the dryer and my hair was so hard when i was done. I was scared to move. I hopped into the shower and washed it out followed with a moisturizing conditioner, rollerset, applied some biosilk and wrapped my hair. At first i was scared that it was maybe to harsh on my hair and when i did all the thing i still wasn't shure if i liked it but when i came from the dryer and removed my rollerset i was amazed. My hair feels really soft. But i still had the same amout of shedding so it didn't helped for that but it was overall good!


03 March, 2010

DIY: Clip in bangs plus simple hairband

DIY: Clip in bangs
I always wanted bangs but i don't wanted to cut my hair so i decided to make clip in bangs. It's very simple, I took me like 5 to 10 minutes. I'll be making clip-in extensions when i get more clips!

You'll need:
Wig clips
This video and this one to see how to blend your bangs in.

DIY: Simple hairband
You'll need:
A ribbon or white hairband

Cut off the ribon right so it fits around your head.
Get the ends with a lighter so it won't chip.

Attach the broche (it's from H&M btw) and you're done.
Make a lil twist and you're good to go.


02 March, 2010

Molasses treatment

So in the weekend i did a pre-poo with Molasses. It's a protein so it strenghtes the hair and make it darker. It's pretty sticky and thick so i mixed it with VO5, mustard oil and coconut oil, i applied it with an applicator brush and left it on for 25 minutes, washed it out, DC, rollerset and sit under the dryer.. I like it pretty much. Not shure how it will turn out in the future but it left my hair soft and it felt stronger. So this is a keeper!


01 March, 2010

Lil' project

I love my niece's hair, she's my little project.
Trying to get her hair at healthy APL
with some love and care.

Shopping bag no. 3

Boots present from a friend | ring bijou brigitte
Shoes curacao | earrings H&M | jeans zara | ring bijou brigitte
Bangles primark and h&m | ring six | gold ring, earings, necklace primark
underwear H&M | pyjama primark
headbands H&M | jeans - | ORS | face massager bodyshop