26 April, 2010

Look of the day: making the best of life

Wearing my new zara cardigan | primark tanktop | H&M earrings

All product used are from the 120 palette | Miss helen eyeliner
Maybelinne collosal mascara | Sephora matifying powder 

I had a really bad hair day and i did something i thought i would never do - i worked out at home and now my legs hurt, lmao! Oh, i'm getting my 15 concealor palette this week it was only €12,50

Skin care tips

Dry/sensitive skin:
Dry/senstive skin is a hard skintype. You need to find out what can sooth the dryness and leave it healty and glowing. Mostly there are two causes of dry skin one of them is lack of water and the other is lack of sebum. Here comes the tips:
  • Use a milk cleanser to avoid trying your skin even more. Don't use soap because this containes harsher ingredients which strips the sebum away. By using oil based cleanser your skin will feel a lot softer and moisturized.
  • Exfoliate your skin when it starts peeling. Use a gentle scrub for this.
  • Moisturize your skin at least twice a day, in the morning and evening, or whenever you feel your skin needs moisture. By doing this there will be a balance.
  • Increase your water intake by drinking atleast 8 bottles of water a day! You can build this up to get used to it.
  • Use a sunscreen to protect your skin from damageing factors.
Night care:
Proper skin care at night is very important. Because at night your skin will 'heal'. Around 23.30 your skin is preparing for the 'healing' process so if you can wash your face before this time. You skin will feel much better.
  • Cleanse your face every night before going to bed. Remove any traces off makeup bu using a makeup remover and a mild cleanser
  • Use a toner to get the dirt the cleanser couldn't get off. This will make your skin cleaner and hella smooth!
  • Apply a moisturizing cream and allow it to sink into your skin by using a massageroller special made for the skin (The bodyshop has one)

24 April, 2010

Four remedies for whiteheads

A lot of young (and adults) have trouble with whiteheads. Whiteheads re the result of hardenend sebum accumulation this cause that the pores get clogged. Natural methods can solve this problem and reduce the effect. By using natural product the chance of reaction is so little.

  • On number one is hydration. Lack of water can lead to whiteheads. Also moisturizing is important to keep the skin smooth.
  • Tomatoes sooths the whitehead and can detox the pores. Just mash a tomatoe into a paste and apply on the spot for 5 to 10 minutes. Don't leave it on for too long because there is acidic in the tomatoe. You can use this several times a day. You can do the same with apples. Crush the apples and mix 3 tbs of honey and apply it on the spot for 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Milk is also a good natral remedie. Get like 50ml of milk and add 2 tbs of lemon juice and if you like a little salt. You can use this as a cleanser to clean your pores from toxins
  • Patatoes are used to strip the skin from dead cells. It can lower the grease inside the pores. You can use a slice of patatoe and put it on the whitehead for a few minutes and rinse it off with water.

Quick update

- 20 april marked my 2 year anniversery with my babyboo. We did nothing special because we had so little time because of school and everything so we just chilled at the park, the weather was lovely so it was a good day.
- I am trying to grow the tale of my eyebrows out. So they look hideous right now, smh.
- I received my 120 pallet, excited to do some looks!
- Gonna get a relaxer this week because my NG is killing me. I am 17 weeks post and i don't want to flat iron my NG. Well i should've get one today but i wasn't feeling like getting one so i decided that i wanna stretch again. I'm still 17 weeks post i will wash weekly and do some simple styles and flat iron roots once to twice a month, not more. And around June i'm gonna weave my hair or buy a lacefront.. But i don't know what i will do then but for now i don't feel like getting a relaxer.
- I am on my personal 'end up your stash' challenge, on a day off i looked thru my products and i have a lot! So i am trying to end up A LOT of these products so at the end i only have the products i need left over.
- A few days i went to an arabian store with my momma to get some meat and i saw Rosewater for only 95 cent and Henna for 1,70. I was happy that i found some rosewater, it's my all time favorite toner and that for only 95 cent! Cheap and natural that's how i like it.
- It's official in June, after i pass my exams, i'm going to America with my sis for 2 weeks. It was a present from my dad, isn't he the greatest? First we are going to Orlanda for 4 days and we stay at the Residential Inn hotel and visit disney land and many other more. After the for days we are going to Atlanta for 14 days and we are stayin at the Marriot hotel. And on 4th of July we are going to Florida for one day and the next day we are going back home. So i will be back one day before my birthday. Men, i know i'm goning to be tired on my own birthday, lol.

10 facts about myself:
01. i love music, in music you can find so much emotions
02. i love water, i drink it all day long.
03. i don't smoke and only drink on occassions.
04. i am really short like 5'2 and thin but i got my curves, lol.
05. i am antillian, english and dominican. They say my grandpa is half chinese...
06. i don't drink soda's anymore. Only once in 3 months
07. I miss Curacao, love the weather, people and the sea
08. i love little dogs. When i have my own place i will get a Yorkshire terrier
09. i am addicted to texting. It's ridiculous how much i text!
10. i am always bored in the vacantion/break but i won't trade it for school

14 April, 2010

How to mend a broken eyeshadow

So you know how it goes, you are in a rush and you drop your eyeshadow or you orderd the eyeshadow online and you get it all torn up or you have travelled with it and by some reason it is broken. Well, it can be fixed it a second. You will need:
- High precentage of alcohol
- Coin
- Clothing cloth or paper towel
- Toothpick or something to stirll it with

Step 1: Break the eyeshadow into pieces

Step 2: Mix the alcohol with the eyeshadow and stirll until it becomes a paste

Step 3: Put the coin in the cloth or paper towel and dip it into the alcohol

Step 4: Place the coin with the cloth on the eyeshadow and push it on for a few seconds. Make shure that there are no bubbles. Let it dry and you are done! See how simple it was.

13 April, 2010

The eyeliner

Eyeliner is a makeup product that will never get out of style and is used by so many people in there everyday makeup. They have different forms and different effect on the eye.

Eyeliner types.
There are different types of eyeliners. They come in all sorts and forms and it is up to you to find what work best and looks good for you.
  • Pencil eyeliner. This is the most used eyeliner of all.They come in differet colors and are great for beginners because of the hard tip. Any smudges can easily me fixed with a q-tip
  • Kohl Eyeliner. This is the most popular one in India. It is use because it can be homemade and allows a smooth an easy application.
  • Liquid eyeliner. With this eyeliner you can create a intense slight 'dramatic' look. It brightens your eyes but it is difficuld for beginners. Pratice makes perfect and before you know it you will make great lines!
  • Gel eyeliner. This are the newest type of eyeliner. They are easy to apply with the help of a hard angles brush. You will get a defined an contoured eye.

Applying the eyeliner.
At first you will mostly not suceed to get the perfect line that you want. You need to practice and know how to apply it. The best start after knowing what type is good for you is to know how to apply it.

  • If you don't have a steady hand place your elbow on the table, position your eyeliner and het close to the lashline ase possible.
  • Draw a line from the inner to the outer corner by using one stroke or little strokes if you have trouble
  • If you get tehe first line done see if it's too thin, good or too thick. If it's too thin go ahead and thick it up if it's too thick remove it with a q-tip dipped in makeup-remover or concealer.
  • Make shure the starting point is thin and slowy getting thicker towards the end of you eyelid.
  • When you want a lowerline make shure the two lines meet at the end of the corner of the eye

Define your eyes.
There are different eyeshapes and it is recommended to apply the eyeliner by the shape of your eyes. By defining your eyes it will draw the attention towards them.

  • For wide set eyes line the upper and lower eyelids and strart from the innercorner to halfway toward the outer corner of the eyes this will make your eyes look more closer.
  • For close set eyes liner it is the other way. Apply the eyeliner from the outer corner halfway to the inner conrner of the eyes this will make your eyes look more wide from eachother
  • For almond shaped eyes use a eyeliner only on the top from the inner to the outercorner
  • For hooded shaped eyes apply the eyeliner in a thin line halfway on your lower lashline from your outer to your inercorner
Make the eyeliner stay in place.
The worst thing that could happen is that your eyeliner will smudge or fade out during the day. You can use some simple tips to avoid this.

  • Primers are one of the must have products. Before applying the primer make shure the eyelid is free of moisturizer and oil
  • Make shure the eyeliner is completly dry before you put on any other makeup
  • You can apply a line by using a pencil than the liquid liner. The pencil will give a good coverage and by using the liquid it will make the eye stand out
  • Use a soft eyeshadow brush and apply a transpirant pouwder over the eyelines. Use a small amout so it won't spoil the makeup
Professional eyeliner tips.
  • Check the intensity of your eyeliner and blend away any thickness
  • If you wear pencil eyeliner, check during the day if it doesn't smudge
  • Do not use greasy eyepencils on the lower lashline, this will smudge during the day
  • If you use pencil to line the eye, apply a small amout of eyeshadow over yout pencil to help set it
  • Do not apply thick eyeliner to small eyes, this will make them look smaller
  • Do not overblend the eyeliner on the under lashline. This makes dark circles look worse 

07 April, 2010

Makeup tips for the dark complexion

Makeup on dark skin can look extremely beautiful if you have a healthy skin. When talking about makeup on dark skin you should know some basic guidelines like avoiding oil base products. Even if you have the most darkest skin there are many things you can do with your makeup. Here are some basic makeup tips for the dark skinned girls:

Before you start applying your makeup have a proper cleansing, toning and moisturizing routine. After you have done this applya primer on the entire face so the foundation will set better. The primer is basicly the base to achieve a flaweless complexion. Most girls with a dark complexion usually have problems finding a matching color. What you can do is blend some foundations of the same texture together and see how it looks on your face. Never use a foundation that is lighter than your skintone. If you use a foundation that is lighter than your skin tone it will create a mask effect and will look unnatural. And that is not what you want you want that your foundation gives you a good coverage and a flawless complexion. After you have apply the foundation and blended it in you can use a concealer to hide dark circles and blemishes. Last but not least set everything with a powder.

The next step are the eyes. Apply a primer to your eyelid so the foundation will stay on all day, especially if your eyelids are a bit oily. If you are choosing a eyeshadow color stay away from light, powdery and bright shade to cover the whole eyelid. Instead use colors like peach, purple, dark brown, copper, prunes and burgundy. If you want some glamour try use some dark metallic colors. Always dust a little loose transpirant powder over the eyeshadot for a smooth and subtle glow. Use black, brown or gray eyeliner and apply mascara for thickness and volume for your eyelashes.

If your brows are really uneven or too thick, brush them neatly to make them appear thin. If you want to fill in your eyebrows never use a black pencil/eyeshadow. It is better to use a combination of gray and black or charcoal. Highlight your eyebrows by applying a concealer on the eyebrowbone and blend it out. This will give your brows that extra.

Blush is an important color component which can bring out your cheekbones of makeup and the final touch to the perfect makeup. That is why it is necessary to choose the right shade. For someone with dark skin you should choose colors like rose, deep orange and coral and avoid the colors brown and peach. For a very dark complexion you can choose colors like dark rose and pink at night you can go for plums, wine, bronze and gold. Gold can really look glamorous when applied right. By blending the blusher over the cheekbone you help to brighten the skintone and bring more lights towards them.
The first thing is to avoid frost finish lipsticks and stick to warm, earthy colors like shades of browns, burgundy, berry shades, plums, beige, soft pink, gold, nude pinks and nude beige will look great! Thje absolute no-no is an orange shade. If you have dark lips put some foundation and powder over your lips or you can prepare it with a lip balancer. After contour your lips with a lip pencil in wamr colors. Blend the contour of your lips and apply the lipstick or lipgloss of your choise.

05 April, 2010

Weekend recap

Friday: Friday i had a day off and my babyboo also came back from London that day. I've missed him! We spended the whole day together. And he got me a present. I need to find a cute place to put it.

Saturday: Saturday we went to Amsterdam. I had to wake up early (wich i hate in the weekend). We toke the train and the metro to get at Dr. Fish. Dr. Fish is place where they have those little fish wich eat all your dead skin. At first it was slight scary but after you put your feet and hands in it, it is a plesant feeling. It will tickle at the beginning but when you get used to it it feels like a soft massage. Then we got a manicure, some snacks and a drink called AmarulA (this thing is good!). As gift we got to keep the nailpolish we picked out. After we this we went to the city and it was pooring! So we didn't get to all the stores because i was the only one with an umbrella. But i had a fun time shopping!

Sunday: I had an Easter brunch with the family, made some more clip-ins, stayed lazy in bed because i'm tired from yesterday and learned math for my three hour long exam on thuesday. Wish me luck on!

'Shoppings from the past week'

Sephora had an action 3 products for 10,-
I bought the Base sublimatrice primer, atomic volume mascara and a powder - not included in the picture.
I also got my favorite lipgloss - i lost mine a few weeks ago it was still half full. It's Bourjois 3D effect in Beige theoric and an eyeliner Liner stylo. They both were 50% off!

I'm not shure about the O.P.I. nailpolish in Elephantastic pink it's very simular with a cheap nailpolish B&I i got on holiday so i think i'm gonna return it if they take it back?

'Shoppings from Amsterdam'
And a happy late easter!

01 April, 2010

What's in my bag.

Umbrella, you never know what kind of weather it will be in this country
Vaseline hand cream, i can't stand having dry hands
iPod touch, music is my best friend # Make-up bag
Vogue glasscase, in case i don't have my lenses in
My cellphone # My wallet, i need another one
Tissues # Pack of gum # my house keys
Nivea cream, if i have dry spots or didn't had time to but some cream on