My regimen

Skin care.
I try to use as many natural things in my skin care. My skin responds the best on this!

- Wash in the morning anf evening with Dove 5 essential ellements
- Pat dry and apply rose water as a toner
- Moisturize with aloe vera day&night cream
- Put tea tree oil on any pimples (that time in the month) and vitamin E oil on dark spots
- Desinfect hands and apply handcream before going to bed
- Put vaseline on lips every night before going to bed
- Apply castor oil to eyebrows before going to bed

- Moistruize body daily with Cocaobutter
- Apply Ambi cream on elbows and knees
- Scrub body a few times a week with applesauce, olive oil and sugar
- Scrub face twice a week with St. Ives scrub
- Use a mask twice a week. Rotate between aspirin and an egg mask ♥
- Do a lipscrub once a week with honey and sugar

Hair regimen.
My hair regimen is pretty simple. It's not perfect but it's what works the best for me

- Moisturize and seal in four section
- Fingercomb daily, use showercomb on wash day
- Put satin scarf on in the house
- Cross wrap hair
- Put satin scarf and bonnet on every night

- Protective style 5-7 days a week
- Wash every 3-4 days
- Protein treatment every 6 weeks
- Dust ends every 3-4 months
- Co-wash once a week during hot periods

Regular washday
- Prepoo for one hour with plastic cap
- Shampoo twice
- Deep Condition for 20-30 mintutes with heat
- Apply leave in and rollerset
- Airdry for an hour then sit under dryer till it's completely dry
- (Saran wrap) Moisturize and seal
- Apply castor oil mixed with mustard oil on temples and kitchen
- Wrap hair in satin scarf

Products on Regular wash day
Pre-poo: Essations Hairmender (need to end it)
Shampoo: Aphogee shampoo for damaged hair
Conditioner: Herbal essences Hello hydration
Leave in: Aphogee pro-vitamin leave in
Serum: Biosilk Silk Therapy or Fantasia olive oil serum ♥

Products on a Protein wash day
Pre-poo: Coconut and mustard oil
Shampoo: Aphogee shampoo for damaged hair or Mane and Tail
Protein treatment: Aphogee 2-step protein treatment or Mane and Tail
Moisturizing conditioner: Aphogee balancing moisturizer
Reconstructor: Aphogee 2 minute reconstructor (optional)
Leave-in: Aphogee Provitamin leave-in conditioner
Restructurizer: Aphogee keratin and green tea
Serum: Biosilk Silk Therapy or Kera Care high sheen glossifier

Other products:
Moisturizer: Wave Nouveau
Sealants: Coconut oil/Avocado oil/Jojoba oil/Almond oil
Heat protector: IC fantasia heat protector straightening serum ♥
Co-wash: Herbal essencces hello hydration
Flat iron: WAHL CUTEK ZX505