24 December, 2009

Merry Christmas!

I'm wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.
Let christmas be a lovely moment with you and your family,
hope that the new year brings wonderfull things to all of us
And the most important: let us be healthy and happy.


(PS. There are no updates till the 5th of January 2010.
Because i'm on a holiday at Curacao.)

12 December, 2009

Stretch update #2

I've been stretching for twenty weeks already. It's going super fast, i don't even count the weeks anymore. So a quick update: i kept myself on my regimen, i've been putting coconut oil mixed with castor oil on my scalp,  my new growth if feeling really soft and moisturized, my scalp feels clean, i have no breakage, sometimes i get tangels when i try to comb my hair out, i wear protective styles seven days a week, sometime's my new growth gets dry when i go outside but other than that so far so good. I haven't straightend my hair this month because the weather is ugly. It keeps raining and raining, the only thing i did was blow out my new growth. I just sectioned a part off, put a little round brush on my new growth and blowdried it. It didn't last very long but i was pleased at that moment. Next week thursday i hit my 21 weeks. BUT i am not going to relax yet, i'm gonna get a sew-in because i'm going on a vacation for three weeks and i don't want to worry about my hair and i want to give it some rest.


11 December, 2009

My oilmix

The oils i use:
Almond oil: Nourishes, softens, condition and protects the skin.
Jojoba oil: Is close to our natural skin oil. It helps to balance the skin and make it more 'calm'.
Nerts olie/Mink oil: Slows down the aging process and the production of oil. Stimulate the production of new cells.
Glycerine: Is a humetant, it attracts moisture to your skin.
Tea tree oil: Kills bacteria, infections and helps to prevent a pimple.
Rosesip oil: Rehydrates and nourish the skin, repairs damaged skin cells and reduce wrinkles.
Vitamin E oil: Great for fading imperfections, anti aging, protect you skin against the sun and helps to retain the skins natural moisture.

What i do is i take my Almond oil and fill like 1/6 of my bottle with. After that i take my Jojoba oil and Vitamin E and put the same amout as Almond oil in it. After that i put 15 drops of Mink oil, 15 drops of Rosehip oil, 10 drops of Tea tree oil and 7 drops of Glycerin. Shake it all up for ten seconds and there you have it. Very simple, and it goes a long way because you just need a few drops to moisturize.

When i first maked my oilmix i made a little bit to see if it worked for me. After one week of use i noticed that my skin became more smoother and less oily. After two weeks of use my skin was smooth, really soft, moisturized, hydrated and pimple-free. I now and then get one at that time of the month but other than that i haven't experienced any pimples and if i do i dot it with tea tree oil and it is gone before i know it. So it's now four months ago that i started with my oil mix and it's the best moisturizer. It's all natural, i know what's in it and the benefits of it and it helped my skin so much. The only oily spots on my face are my nose and the space between my eyebrows but it's not that oily anymore, the rest of my face is more combinated. This ones a keeper!


10 December, 2009

Review: The body shop Aloe Calming Toner

It says:
Instantly calm your sensitive skin, while removing impurities and excess traces of cleanser. Preservative-free, fragrance-free, colour-free, alcohol-free. Dermatologist approvest, clinically proven suitable for sensitive skin. Helps prepare skin to better absorb Aloe moisturizer.

All the ingredients in this product come from natural sources.
Water, Aloe barbadensis, Pentylene Glycol, Butylene Glycol, Sorbitol and Glycerin

The toner comes in a green see throught bottle of 200ML with a flip cap.
$12.00 - €9.00

My thoughts:
Two weeks ago i've ran out of my Rose water that i use as a toner. So i looked for a new toner and found 'The bodyshop Aloe Calming Toner'. At first i wasn't very convinced but i got it anyway. So after i wash my face i apply the toner with a cotton pad. It feels really refreshing and you can feel it sinking into your skin. After two weeks of use i have not had a break out and it has improve my skin. This is now one of my favorite products and  really worth buying, it's not expensive at all! So all things together: It's a good natural product that will improve your skin mostly recommended for the one who have sensitive skin.
Oh, and my dark spots are fading really fast now they are almost gone! But i don't know if it's because of the aloe vera toner or the Vitamin E oil.


05 December, 2009

Fade imperfections

Some of us are blessed with a beautifull skin but some of us have the bad luck to have acne or break outs that leaves scars and dark spots.

Stretch marks or striae.
Stretch marks are often caused by growth, weight gain or loss in a short period. Because this suddenly happens it causes a tear in the middle layer (the dermis) of your skin and a crack in the collagen and elastin fibers. The sooner you start to treat them how more chance you have of fading them.
The steps you can take are:
- Moisturizer that containes cocoa butter, this hydrates the skin, apply 2-4 times a day.
- Wheat germ oil, this improve stretch marks in their early phase
- Glycolic acid, increase collagen
- Vitamin C, can increase collagen in the early phase
- Retinoids, increase collagen and elastin in the early phase

Dark spot.
Dark spots can be caused by popping a pimple wich leads to 'post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation'. If you have a healing inflamed pimple your skin overproduces melanin wich darkens the skin. Some of these spots dissapear and some don't. Remember fading is just a matter of time.
- African black soap this evens out the skintone
- Vitamin E, Aloe vera and plain yogurt will speed up the healing process
- Lemon juice, has an bleaching effect use this 2 times a day and rinse after 15 minutes
- Cocoa butter, hydrates the skin
- Shea butter, fades scars

Home made bleach.
- Milk is a good natural resource fir treating dark spot
- Parsley juice with orange- lemon an red carrot juice works well for wreckles and brown spots
- Citrus fruits wich are rich in vitamin C is a good natural bleach
- Dry orange skin powder with rose water is effective for removing dark spots
- Honey has several skin renewing propeties. (You can mixe it with wheat germ for an more effective treatment)
- Cucumbers and apricots is very powerful for reducing dark spots
- Make a face mask of curd and cucumber juice and apply it at least once a week
- Rub slices of raw patatoes over your face and neck this helps reduce blemishes
Natural bleach regimen.
Wash your face with baking soda mixed with a few tablespoons of oatmeal, rub it in and let it dry. Wash off with cold water. And put on an overnight mixture. The over night mixtures that you can use are: EVOO, lemon juice and egg white/EVOO, grape, lemon and oatmeal or tomato, lemon and egg white.

Or you can wash your face with an olive oil soap , tone with rose water and moisturize with aloe vera gel and grape seed oil. In the evening remove your make-up with olive oil and wash with the olive oil soap, tone with lemon juice and moistuze with aloe vera gel and shea butter.


01 December, 2009


That's why their are no updates. I'm feeling pretty bad so i hope i get well some!