29 August, 2009


Gilet: Vero moda
Tanktop: Angela in Curacao

Shorts: ?? in Curacao

Handcuffs necklace: Some shop with basbeall pets ect..
Shoes: Shoe house in Rotterdam

DIY: Lady Gaga Hairbow

What you will need: 1 long hairpiece, 1small hairpiece, rubber elastic, bobby pins, comb, hairspray.Step 1: Grab all the things you need

Step 2: I Used a weave so at the beginning i put an elastic. After you did that take the beginning of the hair to the middle, do that with the end too

Step 3: Now you have a circle of hair

Step 4: Place an elastic over the middle of the circle and even the sides up

Step 5: Take the small hair piece and comb it

Step 6: Place the hairpiece over the elastic in middle and secure it with a black bobby pin and put hairspray on it

Step 7: Flat iron your hair to match the hair bow, if you are done flat ironning put the bow on your head and secure it with 2 bobby pins. (My hair was wrapped up and I wasn't planning/feeling on combing my hair that's why it looks messed up in the pics)

27 August, 2009


As time goes by you realize who really got your back
tired off all those backstabbers
i don't care how close i was with you
if you wanna use, abuse, or disrespect me
your out the door, out my mind and out of my life
i don't need negative people around me
i rather be alone than with you
i rather be with 1 good friend than with 100 fake ones
I should've listen to my mommy;
You can count your real friends on one hand..

20 August, 2009

Shopping bag #2

Today i was actually looking for a black bag but i couldn't find anything nice so i bought some little things.
A clip with a flower just to 'decorate' my bun with.

2 Sunglasses.

I saw this ring and i can't pass by it withour buying it it was 45,-

I love leopard print.

Some cheap earring from H&M, i am in love with the ones on the bottom right.
- A pink and black jaw clip
- A jeans
- Black shirt, Black tube top
- Blue shirt
- Black tanktop
- A bracelet
- Coconut oil glossing spray

DIY: Tinted sunscreen

*Instead of the sunscreen you can use a moisturizer or something of your liking.
What you will need: Sunscreen, foundation or powder, a container,something to mix it with.

Step 1: Grab all the things you need.

Step 2: Put a little bit of sunscreen in the container.

Step 3: If you use powder apply powder to the sunscreen and mix. (I personally don't like it with power because you get little dot's in your sunscreen and has minimum coverage)
Step 4: Apply foundation to the sunscreen and mix it up
Step 5: Make sure that all the white of the sunscreen is gone, if so, test if the color is right for our skintone.
Step 6: Clean the container and you are all done!

DIY: Make your own lipbalm

What you need: A candle, a lucifer, a spoon, vaseline, a jar or container to put your lipbalm in.

Step 1: Grab all the things you need

Step 2: Put a good amout of Vaseline on your spoon, light the candle and put the Spoon above it.

Step 3: Make sure that everything is melted and it looks clear

Step 4: Pour it in the jar or container
Step 5: Let it cool down for a few hours and now you have your own Vaseline lipbalm!

02 August, 2009


- MAC vanilla as base
- MAC Circa plum
- MAC Teal
- MAC Deep Blue Green
- Miss Helen eye liner

The Items:
Jeans - ?
Shoes - Actie shoen
White tanktop - New Yorker
Cardigan - Primark
Necklace - H&M