21 April, 2009

Number 6

The weather is beau-ti-full! The sun is shining, with a fresh breeze. I love spring! Anyway, i've been busy lately with skool, my room make-over and my personal life. Cuz things ain't going right. The boi where i had a little crush on is mad @ me because i asked him if it's true if he was going with another girl - a familymember has only 1 to 1,5 year to live and i miss my family @ Curacao.. All that infected my mood today so i'm not as happy as i could be.. But mommy always say: keep smiling no mather what. And i am trying, i really am..

But yeah, i don't know what the thing is with boys.. They are doing/saying thing to make you feel good but when it doesn't go how they like it they get mad and it's all your fault. Always blame it on the other never on themself cuz they are all perfect, hell naw! They are just insecure little b****es trying to hide it with the big mouth where nothing usefull comes out. Trying to hide what they are but mommy didn't raise no fool. I see thru all those bullshit acting & finally i know that it ain't worth it and that i deserve better.

But for ya'll who have a good, near to perfect boi, bless you.

Da Sweetest.

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