29 August, 2009

DIY: Lady Gaga Hairbow

What you will need: 1 long hairpiece, 1small hairpiece, rubber elastic, bobby pins, comb, hairspray.Step 1: Grab all the things you need

Step 2: I Used a weave so at the beginning i put an elastic. After you did that take the beginning of the hair to the middle, do that with the end too

Step 3: Now you have a circle of hair

Step 4: Place an elastic over the middle of the circle and even the sides up

Step 5: Take the small hair piece and comb it

Step 6: Place the hairpiece over the elastic in middle and secure it with a black bobby pin and put hairspray on it

Step 7: Flat iron your hair to match the hair bow, if you are done flat ironning put the bow on your head and secure it with 2 bobby pins. (My hair was wrapped up and I wasn't planning/feeling on combing my hair that's why it looks messed up in the pics)

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τreciä said...

Hey, thats a great Idea!