02 November, 2009

Oil Cleansing Method

Everybody wants a clear, free of imperfections, glowing skin. Some try to achieve that by using chemical products that strip your skin from oils and leaving your skin dry, irritated and tight, it isn't good for your skin at all! It will/can work for a temporary time and so the cycle goes on. The best thing is to start by the basic with cleaning your skin on a daily basis with natural products. I know what you think: doesn't oil clog your pores, give you pimples and make your skin greasy? No, oil dissolves oil. Your skin naturally repairs, heals, protects and moisturizes itself with oil. The cause of pimples is usually hormones, bacteria, dead skin cells and buildup.

So oil dissolves oil and steam will open your pores for a better cleansing you can start your OCM. For this method you need two oils, the main oil is Castor oil -you can use your own personal oil blend. The pro's of Castor oil is that it's healing and cleansing. The secundary oil is any oil of your liking, i use Olive oil beacause it's healing and moisturizing.

Now you have enough information you can start with your personal oil blend that fit your needs. If your skin is feeling dry (dryer than usual) you need t ouse less Castor oil. Suggetions for your personal blend:
- Oily skin: 30% Castor oil to 70% Sunflower seed oil
- Balanced skin: 20% Castor oil to 80% Sunflower seed oil
- Dry skin: 10% Castor oil to 90% Sunflower seed oil.

What you need:
A soft washcloth
Hot running water
Personal oil blend (mine is 20% of Castor oil, 75% Olive oil, 5% Jojoba oil)

The method:
- Pour a quarter size amout of the oil into the palm of you hand, rub your hands together to warm the oil up.
- Smooth the oil over your skin and start massaging for a few minutes and focussing on your problem areas.
- If your done pick up your washcloth and soak it in hot water, as hot as you can but watch out to not burn your skin!
- Put the washcloth over your face untill it cools down. Wipe the oil away and reapeat this 2-3 times
- Pat dry your skin and use a toner, after that use your moisturizer or a drop of the oil blend or your own oil mix.

Your skin should now have a glow and feel clean, soft and non-irritated. I use this method 3x a week. The best advice is: Work with your skin, not against it.


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Justherz said...

Dit is echt heerlijk
ik doe het alleen met Argan olie
en die is ook goed hoor
zelf de Hubby is doet mee