11 December, 2009

My oilmix

The oils i use:
Almond oil: Nourishes, softens, condition and protects the skin.
Jojoba oil: Is close to our natural skin oil. It helps to balance the skin and make it more 'calm'.
Nerts olie/Mink oil: Slows down the aging process and the production of oil. Stimulate the production of new cells.
Glycerine: Is a humetant, it attracts moisture to your skin.
Tea tree oil: Kills bacteria, infections and helps to prevent a pimple.
Rosesip oil: Rehydrates and nourish the skin, repairs damaged skin cells and reduce wrinkles.
Vitamin E oil: Great for fading imperfections, anti aging, protect you skin against the sun and helps to retain the skins natural moisture.

What i do is i take my Almond oil and fill like 1/6 of my bottle with. After that i take my Jojoba oil and Vitamin E and put the same amout as Almond oil in it. After that i put 15 drops of Mink oil, 15 drops of Rosehip oil, 10 drops of Tea tree oil and 7 drops of Glycerin. Shake it all up for ten seconds and there you have it. Very simple, and it goes a long way because you just need a few drops to moisturize.

When i first maked my oilmix i made a little bit to see if it worked for me. After one week of use i noticed that my skin became more smoother and less oily. After two weeks of use my skin was smooth, really soft, moisturized, hydrated and pimple-free. I now and then get one at that time of the month but other than that i haven't experienced any pimples and if i do i dot it with tea tree oil and it is gone before i know it. So it's now four months ago that i started with my oil mix and it's the best moisturizer. It's all natural, i know what's in it and the benefits of it and it helped my skin so much. The only oily spots on my face are my nose and the space between my eyebrows but it's not that oily anymore, the rest of my face is more combinated. This ones a keeper!


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