13 January, 2010

Kind of a new year's revolution

1. Change diet
Keep drinking 8 glasses of water a day, lemonwater and aloe vera juice. Limit soda, junk/fat food and sugar, eat more plain natural yogurt. Eat more fruits and vegabels. Go early to bed to get enough sleep.
2. Exercise more
Work out at least for 1,5hour twice or three times a week.

3. Simplelize hairregimen
One shampoo, one protein conditioner, one moisterizing conditioner, one co-washer, two leave in (protein and moister), one moisturizer, one clarifyer. No more headache on what i'm gonna use. And just take the time to listen to my hair and fufill the needs it has and do challenges to achrive goals.

Personal thicken hair up challenge - 3 months.
- Apply castor oil at least 2x a week on scalp and ends.
- Heat rehab, use flat iron or blow dryer once in 6 weeks.
- Deep condition after every wash for atleast 30minutes.
- Do low manipulation and protective style.
- Only use combes on washdays, fingercomb hair daily.

4. Hold on to my skin care
Remove make-up with Olive oil, wash face with washcloth and desinfect hands before touching my face. Wash once a day with african black soap, tone with aloe vera calming toner, moisterize with jojoba and almond oil. Scrub with St. ives scrub, use natural products as mask. Steam with roseship oil or OCM once a month with Olive oil mixed with castor oil.

5. Put more time and energy in school and work
It will only work with me not against me. It will help me develope, grow and stick more to my planning.

So this is al a one months trial to see if it works for me, my skin, my hair and my body. These things were always on my to do list. I started with some of them with baby steps and in 2010 i'm ready to complete the things i had in mind for myself. It's just something i always wanted and i just continue where i started. It can be a hard journey with falling, standing up and facing problems but at the end you know that you can reach what you want if you just put effort and your heart to it. It will be great to reach them and you show yourself that nothing is impossible.


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