20 January, 2010


Vitamins and minerals are important building materials for the skin. They protet the skin against all types op disordres and speed up the healing process. Vitamins are necessary so our body can functionate normal. They play a big role in our body. You need vitamins to survive (vita = life). Our body doesn'tmake and take much vitamins on it's own.

- Vitamine A
Limits the chances on infections, balances the talgproduction, slows down the ageing process, speeds up the cel renewal. Gives you a smooth skin.
You can find this in carrots, spinach, broccoli, papaya and apricot.

- Vitamin B
Vitamin B-complex is a collection of vital materials like thiamine and biotine with all other functions. The most important function is to make the skincells stronger, keeping the energy and make the musceles stronger and gives you a good night sleep
You can find this in wholemeal product, brown rice, nuts, peaches, oily fish and pulses.

- Vitamin C
Is an anti-oxidant that protects you against free radicals. Slows down the ageing process of the skincells, improves the work of the immune-system, limits the chances of infections.
You can find this in kiwi, citrusfruit, cherries, strawberry, patatoesm, onion, broccoli, cauliflower and spinach.

- Vitamin D
Limits errors in the mineral metabolism, you can get vitamin D from the sun and it's essential for strong bones, teeths and the take of calcium.
You can find this in: oily fish, milk, wholemeat products, eggs and liver.

- Vitamin E
Activates the bloodcirculation, makes the skin tissue more strong, promotes oxygen use by the skin, limits the hardening of the walls of small blood vessels, fights free radicals.
You can find this in coldpressed oils, almonds, raw nuts, brown rice, wholemeat products, eggs, milk and peaches

- Vitamin F
Is a collection of fatty acids, from these acids your body can make other acids from it. This happens thru all kind of processes. As we get older our body can't do this as it used to do. It balances the talgproduction, keeps the skin smooth, slows down the ageingprocess of the whole body. Keeps the heart, vasulars and brains fit.
You can fins this in oily fish, linseed, wallnuts, nuts, seeds, avocado and canola oil

- Vitamin K
Is essential for coagulation and for the blood metabolism.
You can find this in spinach, cauliflower, broccoli, oils and fats.

- Vitamin H
Also known as biotine, protects the upperskin agains influence from outside.
You can find this in protecting cremes, no food.

Fat acids: Multiple unsaturated fat acids are essential voor the build of cells and the transport of it.
Free radicals: For all bodyfunctions is oxygen needed, they also deliver us energy. Along with this you have free radicals an agressive oxygenmolecule that can damage the cells and speed up the ageingprocess. The anti-oxidant 'fights' the free radicals to limit the damage.


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