18 February, 2010

Mustard oil

So, a few weeks ago i bought mustard oil. I didn't use it yet because i didn't know what to do with it. So i did some research. I found out that mustard oil is a source of vitamin A, vitamin E, iron, calcium, protein, omega-3, omega-6 and antioxidants. All this will be great for your skin. It is also excillent dor massaging. It is good for the heart and has many other benefits.

Some other benefits are:
- It can be used as an antibacterial oil
- Stimulates circulation
- It warms your body up in the winter because it promotes sweating if you massage your body with it.
- Helps to detoxify human body
- Makes your immune system strong
- Good for treating cold
- It can be used to slow down the ageing process
- It helps to reduce hairloss and promotes hair growth if you massage it on the scalp
- It will remove the tan of a sunburn and limits the itching and redness

The only thing is that this thing smells like crap!


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