02 March, 2010

Molasses treatment

So in the weekend i did a pre-poo with Molasses. It's a protein so it strenghtes the hair and make it darker. It's pretty sticky and thick so i mixed it with VO5, mustard oil and coconut oil, i applied it with an applicator brush and left it on for 25 minutes, washed it out, DC, rollerset and sit under the dryer.. I like it pretty much. Not shure how it will turn out in the future but it left my hair soft and it felt stronger. So this is a keeper!


4 people had something to say:

kimee said...

nice blog! how did u get ur background like that? i love itt.

Justherz said...

hee meid
Ja ik ben ook dol op molasses
is echt een keeper voor mij:)

Sarah @ Pandora's Box said...

Ooo I can't imagine how much softer that must have made your hair feel!

Miss.Fortune said...

i think its safe to say, home remedies are the best