30 May, 2010

Spring/Summer trends

The wather is getting really nice this days, feels like summer will be here in a bit! So what is the best time to update your wardrobe to the latest trends.

#1 Boyshorts and hot pants
You can rock the hotpants, the boy shorts and even the high-waiste short. There are many prints from black to pink to a bold african print. Don't be afraid to wear something bold! Also if you feel you show too much skin trow a blazer on top and you'll be ready to go!

#2 Jump/playsuits
You can rock this look while going shopping, on a date, to the grocerystore, evening and so one. You can find this suits in a sporty materal or as denim. You can easely style the jump/playsuit by putting a nice vest or denim jacket on it, some sandals and maybe a statement necklace. And the thing i love is to see a girl with a suit like this and a cute hat! Can never go wrong

#3 Lace, sheer and see-through
This is the most 'uncoverd' look that you can get this season. The lace, sheer and see through trend is great for thos who love their body and ain't afraid to show it. But remember there it something like too much. Don't wear a lace top with other lace/sheer stuff or really short shorts. You need to keep it simple and classy.

#4 Patterned pants
With this trends it doesn't matter what kind of print it is aslong as it is bright and bold. I live the floral print and stripes. The cut can go from skinny to shorts to harem pants and even jumpsuits. If you have a lose printed pants make shure that the top is fitted so you won't look like a bag of patatoes.

#5 Over the knee socks
Knee high socks is i think the trend that not so many of us will follow. The socks can make a statemant if you rock it right and choose the lenght, like if you are short like me wear knee-high sock that stops right below your knees. You can pair this up with a high waist skirt, a dress or a cute short. Which trend is your favorite?


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