19 May, 2010

Summer time

Summer is coming. The best season of all! But the effects of the sun can be dangerous. So it is important to have a summer/beach (makeup)bag so you will have all the beauty essentials by hand to keep your skin protected and beautifull. The best way to start your summer is to be prepared and take care of yourself.

The preperation.
- Start with exfoliating your skin. This will remove dead skin cells and build up. Exfoliate for one to two times a week this will give you a soft, smooth and healthy look. You can buy one in the store or make your own by simply adding sugar/salt with honey.
- Shave or wax every single hair on your body. You don't want to walk around like a monkey on the beach. Wax atleast a day before you go out and show you legs because of irritation. Make shure to use a shavinggel or use olive oil.
- Take time to take care of your feet and hands. Give them a great treatment and a pedi-manicure. Use a topcoat to keep the nailpolish protected because it can chip in the water if you don't use one. Always apply a handcream after swimming to keep your hand hydrated.
- Take your vitamines to keep your body and your skin, nails and hair healthy.

The beach essentials.
- Use skin wipes to clean your skin regualry. In the summer your pores can easily can get clogged and produce more oil. By using skin wipes your skin will be clean but don't replace skin wipes for your facewash. Still wash twice a day.
- Sunscreen is a must to protects your skin from burns and damage. Apply it at least a half hour before going into the sun. You can also mix your sunscreen with your foundation if you still want a teint and a little cover.
- Waterproof mascara if you won't leave the house without mascara. Make shure that you remove it before going to bed with a makeupremover and to moisturize them because some waterproofmascara's can be harsh for the eyelashes.
- Use a lipbalm with SPF to protect your lips.


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