31 May, 2011

Challenges for month 6 and 7

My Challenges for the months June and July. I will see if i can make it thru all of them! Wish me luck.

  • Reading A book 2 - 3 times a week! I love reading but never spend my time on it while there are some very good books out there. Some may find it a 'Nerd-thing' but you get so much information, a clearer vision and get things much faster from books!
  • Use Monday's to finish all off my homework/project for the week
  • Go running and getting fit and healthy for me and only me. I feel like my health is worse than what i am used to and I start noticing it at my body so i will go running 2 - 4 times a week for 20 minutes!
  • Start stretching on my running days to increase my flexbibility
  • Drink atleast two bottles of water a day. I already do this, it is no problem for me but someday's i skip it and don't drink any at all and i want to try to drink it every single day and see what difference it makes
  • Eat two fruit every single day. I eat fruit every day exept on the weekend. So I only need to add my weekends in!
  • Learn to cook/start cooking once a week. Cause i - just - can't cook, shame on me!
  • Go to bed on time to get my 8 hour rest, i know it will be difficult for me but i need my rest to wake up fresh and it will help me to wake up easier with a happier mood!
I'll keep you posted,

Much Love!

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Sher said...

great post&goodluck with ur goals

new follower,u have a blog