06 November, 2009

How to get soft skin

Everybody dislikes having a dry skin. But it's very easy to have soft, smooth skin by taking a few steps. To start cleanse your skin once a day with soap free body wash and a soft sponge. Because the body wash is soap free it won't dry our your skin. Second is start exfoliating once a week this will remove dead skin cells, dirt, oil and dirty smells. If you are done exfoliating pat dry with a fluffy towel (rubbing can damage the skin and create wrinkles) and apply lotion, bodybutter or body oil. Make shure you moisturize before leaving the shower this is the best time because your pores are still open and your skin will absorb it better!

The skin of the legs are often forgetten. During the winter we cover them up with pants, tights and leggings but we don't protect them against dry air and temperature difference. So when we notice some itch we are like, Oh they are dry! With your legs you do the same like you do on your body: cleanse, scrub, pat dry. After you pat dry take petroleum jelly or aloe vera cream and Vitamine E or Olive oil and apply this mixture to your legs put on a pair of tights and go to sleep. By covering your legs they will lock moisture. Repeat this for a few days and your skin will feel baby soft!

- Drink water to keep your skin hydrated. The best way is to begin from the inside out
- Try home made scrubs like brown sugar with milk, oatmeal with water, honey and sugar
- Keep a regimen that is easy to hold on to
- Try soaking your feet with warm water, olive oil, lemon juice and milk. This is a great time for relaxing and having soft feet


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