04 November, 2009

Your skin during the cold months

The months are getting colder: hard winds, rain, snow, dry air and a huge difference between the temperature inside and outside the house. All these are detrimental factors for your skin so it must be protected because the factors earlier named can make the skin out of ballance and dry. Especially the skin on the face because this is thinner than the skin on the rest of the body. Use a feeding cream with vitamin like vitamin A (protects the skin and makes it less sensitive and repair it faster).

Like the skin of the face, the lips needs extra attention. Your lips can get dry and rough. Make shure to have a lipbalm with you to prevent bursting lips or if that already happend a balm that repairs the structure. Apply it regularly so you can maintain your soft lips.
Some tips:
- Put containers w/water in the area of the radiator this keeps the air fresh
- Don't go late to bed, your need more sleep in the winter
- Use a thick creme on your feet before going to bed
- Avoid using too much soap this dries the skin out
- Use a hydrating shampoo/conditioner, your scalp can get drier than usual
- Swith your powder into foundation this is more protecting
- Don't forget to use sunscreen F15
- Use a handcreme and wear gloves
- Protect your bodyparts by using a hat, shawl ect.
- If you don't like thick sweaters try layering


2 people had something to say:

Miss.Fortune said...

this is real good information to know..especially since i have sensitive skin and i just realized i dont switch up my routine during the winter

Dwana, (SME) Subject Matter Expert of S.O.S said...

Shea butter has never let me down! I haven't started putting it in my hair...yet but plan on giving that a once over.

Also a humidifier is great your your hair, skin, and sinuses. I want to find a stylist on for my nightstand. My husband wasn't feeling the animal shaped cute ones...hata!