03 November, 2009

Stretch Update #1

Today is week 15 of my 21 weeks stretch. Everything is going smoothly so far the only thing is that my new growth is dry, really dry. I think the cause is the weather change, it's fall so it's getting colder. So i am going to switch my regimen up!

- Prepoo with EVOO and cheap conditioner
- Wash once a week with moisturizing shampoo
- DC with glycerin and moisturizing conditioner
- Towel blot and apply leave in
- Rollerset and sit 60min. under the dryer
- Apply hairserum and do a Saran wrap
- Apply coconut oil and wrap hair with a satin scarf

Other than that i moisturize and seal my hair 2 times a day, put on satin scarf when i'm in the house, do alot of protective styles and i try to use minimum heat so i only i flat iron/blow dry my new growth 1-2x per month.


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Miss.Fortune said...

ur hair is looking real healthy. keep it up