29 January, 2010

Celebrity style inspiration

Kim Kardashian.
The first time i saw her i found that she had a really pretty face. After i saw more of her i realized that i really like her style. She know how to dress and her hair is always on point! And her make-up is stunning ofcourse. Probs for that.

Vanessa Hudgens
I never saw anything of her, i heard one song 'Gotta go my own way'. But that was pretty much it. I like how she rocks different styles. One day she looks all classy the other day she's a rock chick.

The Simmons sisters
I love to watch Run's house! My fav' are Vanessa and Diggy and i like vanessa's style. Very casual but with her own twist that make's it cute. I don't really like Angela's style. The only time i find she is rocking it is at a event or so. 

Lauren Conrad
I loved watching the hills. But i don't really watch it anymore she Lauren left. She has the most adorable style. Girly and cute. I like how she wears her dresses and skirts and the way she wears her hair.


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Jbreezybaby said...

I like Lauren's style too! Shes pretty much the only decent character in the hills. I dont watch it anymore either. Hey hun, I gave you an award you should check it out on my blog!