07 February, 2010

2010 Hair trends

2010 just started but with a lot of new hair styles! From sweet and innocent to heavy. Below some hairstyles for spring 2010.
Braided and Plaited hair.
Seen on Alexander Wang, Prada's, Miu Miu and Missoni 2010 Spring runway and on street style pictures. You can rock the long side braid or the fish plait. It looks great if yo have bangs!
Waved hair.
Get your flow on and create beautiful waves. Suits any hair colour and hair that's below shoulder lenght.
'70 inspired
You can wear two styles: The straight and the flowy. The straight hair should not be too straight but should be voluminous. It fit's all occasions. The flowy hair has natural looking waves with a middle or side part.
Slicked hair
The slicked hair can be styled on three different ways. One is that the hair is slicked back with gel and combed with the fingers or wide thooth comb. The second one is that you only slick the side back and your side swept bang or lock gives it the maximum effect. The last one is that you have a side part and slick both sides into a ponytail or so.
The Chignon.
This is an elegant low bun or twist that's done at the nape. Great for day and night. You can compare this to a low messy bun.
The top knot
The sleek top knots sits right on top of the head. These styles works best on straight hair. Slick all the hair to the top and twist yor hair arond. You also have the messy top knot. Just put the hair up and randomly put/swirl the hair for a nonchalance look.

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Miss.Fortune said...

i love the braid and the wave..
unfortunately as hard as i try my hair never waves the way i would like..lol ugh