15 February, 2010

How to hide imperfections

Everyone wants a flawless complexion. But not everyone's skin is able to achive that look without make-up. The industry has some products that makes the flawless complexion even closer. Concealers are the best to hide your imperfections. The first thing is to find the right texture and shade. Here are some tips.

Get the perfect shade.
One of the biggest mistakes is to use a concealer that is too light or too dark. By using this you let your imperfection stand out and it won't look coverd. Most specialist recommend to mix two shades together. The light one should be used to cover gloomy spots and highlight the areas like the bridge of the nose, chin and the corner of the eyes. The darker one should be used to cover blemishes and dark spots. You should choose a concealer that match the color of the spot you want the conceal. Usually there are three colors of concealer. A yellow toned is used for dark spots, dark circles and reddish spots. A lavender colot neutralize yellowish skindiscoloration and dark circles. A gren one neutralizes red colored blemishes and pimples.

Pimples and darkspots.
Pimples are a little bit hard to conceal because tend to be discolorated then the surrounded skin. To avoid irritation you need to maintain a healthy compleixion and clean hands. High coverage concealer cover pimpels well.

Dark circles.
Don't use the high coverage concealer that you would on your pimple on your eyes because these might be too harsh. The concealer you should be using should be lightweight, a bit creamy and hydrating. If you have dark circles with an green tint use a concealer in a pink shade. For a blue tint use a peachy shade.

The tools and application.
Apply a make-up base or primer to make shure it settle and that it will last all day. Always apply a concealer before the foundation if you do this your foundation don't have much to cover up. And also don't forget to wash your brush after you cover up a blemish because if you don't wash it you give the bacteria oppertunity to grow and cause more pimples or infection.
Pimple: Apply concealer with a flat stiff brush. Begin by getting a small amout on your brush and apply it with short strokes or a dabbing motion. Get a little bit on the outside of the pimple to blend in.
Dark spots: Apply concealer with a flat stiff brush in short strokes. Use your fingers to blend in with the surrounded skin.
Dark circles: Apply the concealer under both eyes and I personally like to use my finges because the heat of your fingers will give it the best results. When you apply the concealer start from the inside of the eye out. By getting the inside of the eye your eyes look more you can also do this below your eyebrows awake. Set it with a light powder.


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Sarah @ Pandora's Box said...

You're so right. A primer and brush make all the difference when you're covering up zits. I wish I knew this longgg before I figured it out!