13 February, 2010

How to switch to natural skincare

Many of us use chemical product, some use natural products and some are waiting to switch. The reason why many people wanna use natural products is that is many chemical products have some dangerous risks. And with natural skin care you limit the side-effect. The most of the products contain carbon ingredient, wich you also can find in the human body. That's why it is safer.

Here are some guidelines.
- Research first. That a product is labeled as natural doesn't mean that all the ingredients are natural. A company can label it natural if it has only one natural ingredient.
- Start by using ingredients out of your refrigerator. You can easily make a moisturizer, scrub, ect. by just using yogurt, oatmeal, eggs, honey and more. Easy to find and affordable.
- Find the ingredients that works the best for your skin type and issues. If you have an oily skin you need more astringent ingredients like citrus. A sensitive skin needs more soothing products like olive oil. Or ask for samples in an natural skin care store.
- Make a natural face routine with cleaning, toning, moisturizer, exfoliator and mask.
- Make your own ingredients by using skin care recipes.

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