07 April, 2010

Makeup tips for the dark complexion

Makeup on dark skin can look extremely beautiful if you have a healthy skin. When talking about makeup on dark skin you should know some basic guidelines like avoiding oil base products. Even if you have the most darkest skin there are many things you can do with your makeup. Here are some basic makeup tips for the dark skinned girls:

Before you start applying your makeup have a proper cleansing, toning and moisturizing routine. After you have done this applya primer on the entire face so the foundation will set better. The primer is basicly the base to achieve a flaweless complexion. Most girls with a dark complexion usually have problems finding a matching color. What you can do is blend some foundations of the same texture together and see how it looks on your face. Never use a foundation that is lighter than your skintone. If you use a foundation that is lighter than your skin tone it will create a mask effect and will look unnatural. And that is not what you want you want that your foundation gives you a good coverage and a flawless complexion. After you have apply the foundation and blended it in you can use a concealer to hide dark circles and blemishes. Last but not least set everything with a powder.

The next step are the eyes. Apply a primer to your eyelid so the foundation will stay on all day, especially if your eyelids are a bit oily. If you are choosing a eyeshadow color stay away from light, powdery and bright shade to cover the whole eyelid. Instead use colors like peach, purple, dark brown, copper, prunes and burgundy. If you want some glamour try use some dark metallic colors. Always dust a little loose transpirant powder over the eyeshadot for a smooth and subtle glow. Use black, brown or gray eyeliner and apply mascara for thickness and volume for your eyelashes.

If your brows are really uneven or too thick, brush them neatly to make them appear thin. If you want to fill in your eyebrows never use a black pencil/eyeshadow. It is better to use a combination of gray and black or charcoal. Highlight your eyebrows by applying a concealer on the eyebrowbone and blend it out. This will give your brows that extra.

Blush is an important color component which can bring out your cheekbones of makeup and the final touch to the perfect makeup. That is why it is necessary to choose the right shade. For someone with dark skin you should choose colors like rose, deep orange and coral and avoid the colors brown and peach. For a very dark complexion you can choose colors like dark rose and pink at night you can go for plums, wine, bronze and gold. Gold can really look glamorous when applied right. By blending the blusher over the cheekbone you help to brighten the skintone and bring more lights towards them.
The first thing is to avoid frost finish lipsticks and stick to warm, earthy colors like shades of browns, burgundy, berry shades, plums, beige, soft pink, gold, nude pinks and nude beige will look great! Thje absolute no-no is an orange shade. If you have dark lips put some foundation and powder over your lips or you can prepare it with a lip balancer. After contour your lips with a lip pencil in wamr colors. Blend the contour of your lips and apply the lipstick or lipgloss of your choise.

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