13 April, 2010

The eyeliner

Eyeliner is a makeup product that will never get out of style and is used by so many people in there everyday makeup. They have different forms and different effect on the eye.

Eyeliner types.
There are different types of eyeliners. They come in all sorts and forms and it is up to you to find what work best and looks good for you.
  • Pencil eyeliner. This is the most used eyeliner of all.They come in differet colors and are great for beginners because of the hard tip. Any smudges can easily me fixed with a q-tip
  • Kohl Eyeliner. This is the most popular one in India. It is use because it can be homemade and allows a smooth an easy application.
  • Liquid eyeliner. With this eyeliner you can create a intense slight 'dramatic' look. It brightens your eyes but it is difficuld for beginners. Pratice makes perfect and before you know it you will make great lines!
  • Gel eyeliner. This are the newest type of eyeliner. They are easy to apply with the help of a hard angles brush. You will get a defined an contoured eye.

Applying the eyeliner.
At first you will mostly not suceed to get the perfect line that you want. You need to practice and know how to apply it. The best start after knowing what type is good for you is to know how to apply it.

  • If you don't have a steady hand place your elbow on the table, position your eyeliner and het close to the lashline ase possible.
  • Draw a line from the inner to the outer corner by using one stroke or little strokes if you have trouble
  • If you get tehe first line done see if it's too thin, good or too thick. If it's too thin go ahead and thick it up if it's too thick remove it with a q-tip dipped in makeup-remover or concealer.
  • Make shure the starting point is thin and slowy getting thicker towards the end of you eyelid.
  • When you want a lowerline make shure the two lines meet at the end of the corner of the eye

Define your eyes.
There are different eyeshapes and it is recommended to apply the eyeliner by the shape of your eyes. By defining your eyes it will draw the attention towards them.

  • For wide set eyes line the upper and lower eyelids and strart from the innercorner to halfway toward the outer corner of the eyes this will make your eyes look more closer.
  • For close set eyes liner it is the other way. Apply the eyeliner from the outer corner halfway to the inner conrner of the eyes this will make your eyes look more wide from eachother
  • For almond shaped eyes use a eyeliner only on the top from the inner to the outercorner
  • For hooded shaped eyes apply the eyeliner in a thin line halfway on your lower lashline from your outer to your inercorner
Make the eyeliner stay in place.
The worst thing that could happen is that your eyeliner will smudge or fade out during the day. You can use some simple tips to avoid this.

  • Primers are one of the must have products. Before applying the primer make shure the eyelid is free of moisturizer and oil
  • Make shure the eyeliner is completly dry before you put on any other makeup
  • You can apply a line by using a pencil than the liquid liner. The pencil will give a good coverage and by using the liquid it will make the eye stand out
  • Use a soft eyeshadow brush and apply a transpirant pouwder over the eyelines. Use a small amout so it won't spoil the makeup
Professional eyeliner tips.
  • Check the intensity of your eyeliner and blend away any thickness
  • If you wear pencil eyeliner, check during the day if it doesn't smudge
  • Do not use greasy eyepencils on the lower lashline, this will smudge during the day
  • If you use pencil to line the eye, apply a small amout of eyeshadow over yout pencil to help set it
  • Do not apply thick eyeliner to small eyes, this will make them look smaller
  • Do not overblend the eyeliner on the under lashline. This makes dark circles look worse 

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