24 April, 2010

Quick update

- 20 april marked my 2 year anniversery with my babyboo. We did nothing special because we had so little time because of school and everything so we just chilled at the park, the weather was lovely so it was a good day.
- I am trying to grow the tale of my eyebrows out. So they look hideous right now, smh.
- I received my 120 pallet, excited to do some looks!
- Gonna get a relaxer this week because my NG is killing me. I am 17 weeks post and i don't want to flat iron my NG. Well i should've get one today but i wasn't feeling like getting one so i decided that i wanna stretch again. I'm still 17 weeks post i will wash weekly and do some simple styles and flat iron roots once to twice a month, not more. And around June i'm gonna weave my hair or buy a lacefront.. But i don't know what i will do then but for now i don't feel like getting a relaxer.
- I am on my personal 'end up your stash' challenge, on a day off i looked thru my products and i have a lot! So i am trying to end up A LOT of these products so at the end i only have the products i need left over.
- A few days i went to an arabian store with my momma to get some meat and i saw Rosewater for only 95 cent and Henna for 1,70. I was happy that i found some rosewater, it's my all time favorite toner and that for only 95 cent! Cheap and natural that's how i like it.
- It's official in June, after i pass my exams, i'm going to America with my sis for 2 weeks. It was a present from my dad, isn't he the greatest? First we are going to Orlanda for 4 days and we stay at the Residential Inn hotel and visit disney land and many other more. After the for days we are going to Atlanta for 14 days and we are stayin at the Marriot hotel. And on 4th of July we are going to Florida for one day and the next day we are going back home. So i will be back one day before my birthday. Men, i know i'm goning to be tired on my own birthday, lol.

10 facts about myself:
01. i love music, in music you can find so much emotions
02. i love water, i drink it all day long.
03. i don't smoke and only drink on occassions.
04. i am really short like 5'2 and thin but i got my curves, lol.
05. i am antillian, english and dominican. They say my grandpa is half chinese...
06. i don't drink soda's anymore. Only once in 3 months
07. I miss Curacao, love the weather, people and the sea
08. i love little dogs. When i have my own place i will get a Yorkshire terrier
09. i am addicted to texting. It's ridiculous how much i text!
10. i am always bored in the vacantion/break but i won't trade it for school

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