14 April, 2010

How to mend a broken eyeshadow

So you know how it goes, you are in a rush and you drop your eyeshadow or you orderd the eyeshadow online and you get it all torn up or you have travelled with it and by some reason it is broken. Well, it can be fixed it a second. You will need:
- High precentage of alcohol
- Coin
- Clothing cloth or paper towel
- Toothpick or something to stirll it with

Step 1: Break the eyeshadow into pieces

Step 2: Mix the alcohol with the eyeshadow and stirll until it becomes a paste

Step 3: Put the coin in the cloth or paper towel and dip it into the alcohol

Step 4: Place the coin with the cloth on the eyeshadow and push it on for a few seconds. Make shure that there are no bubbles. Let it dry and you are done! See how simple it was.

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