15 May, 2010

Home pedicure

Start by treating your dry heels before you do your pedicure. Start with soaking your feet into warm water and add olive oil. Soak for no longer then 20 minutes. Scrub your feet and file the heel. Apply a foot creme to keep it moisturized and wear socks to keep them moisturized. After you've done this you can start with your own home pedicure.

  • Remove all your nailpolish by using a kind nailpolish remover without acetone because this ingredient tends to be harsh
  • Cut too long nails with a nail clipper and file it in one direction. You can make them squar, round or inbetween.
  • Push the curticles back but not too much and massage curticle oil in
  • Swipe the extra oil off with the remover and apply a base coat
  • You can add any cute colors or you can do a french manicure
  • After your nails are dry apply a top coat and a moisturizer
By doing this every week your feet will be in shape in no-time! It is great to do it yourself to spare money and you will always have nice looking feets in the summer.


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