14 May, 2010

A flawless complexion with makeup

In the world we live in now the most of us is 'trying' to be perfect. But i personally think that perfect isn't everything but that's a different story. If you have bad skin or scars it's oke to fake a flawless complexion and still look natural because you don't want to look all paint up. Here a some tips to follow to get a flawless complexion with makeup.
  • Concealing. Use a moisturizer with vitamin E or shea butter. This will soften your skin and fade your scars. You can use a liquid concealer wich suits your skin tone and pat it into the skin.

  • Foundation. After you've applied your concealer you can use foundation to even out and blend everything in. Make shure that your foundation is not to light! One shade darker is oke but not lighter. Start by applying a thin layer and add more if you like to. If any concealed spots are visiable than add more concealer.
  • If you are done with these two steps apply a powder. If you have oily skin use one with a matte finish. As a finishing touch you can add a highligher and/or a blush to give your cheeks more shape
And ofcourse before you start follow your daily skin routine and a good primer before applying makeup. And by following these steps you are a step closer to flawless skin!


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