01 May, 2010

I found out what worked for my NG!

I'm stepping my hair game up! I am around 17-18 weeks post and my NG is acting up like usual around this time. So i know the good ol' regimen i have will not work with this NG. So this is what i have in minde:

- DC on dry hair with Coconut, Mustard and Castor oil
- Cowash with Herbal Essence Hello Hydration
- Used Aphogee two minute reconstructor
- Condition 5 minutes with Herbal Essence Hello Hydration
- Apply moisturizing leave in
- Detangle hair while it's still wet with a wide tooth comb.
Just take a section, finger comb thru and detangle with a comb
- Rollerset and sit under the dryer for one hour or so

And other than that I will apply Wave nouveau and coconut oil on NG daily or once every two days and i won't wrap my hair, i only do cross wraps.

Anyway; this has/will help me tremendiously while i'm streching. I will use my old regimen once a week on a sunday and this cowash routine is just during the week or when my hair need moisture.


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