13 May, 2010

Banish your oily nose

The people with oily skin have mostly a oily nose. Whatever you do and what kind of products you use it doesn't seem to go away. By trying so much different stuff on your nose it will get prone to acne, blackheads and other problems.You need to keep it clean and oil-free.
The reason of your oily nose can be because of the weather and hormosnes. To keep your nose clean and hydrated drink plenty of water and stop touching and putting everything on it! Wash your face twice a day and moisturize twice daily. Don't cleanse your face more than twice a day because most cleanser contain chemical ingredients wich can be harmfull for your skin. If you still want to cleanse it more times a day use water. If you are into natural stuff you can add a few drop of lemon juice on a cotton pad an wipe off the oil also citric acid works. Scrub it also an essential element to banish your oily nose, you can mix honey&almonds and use this as a scrub and leave it on for a few minutes.

Hope this helps!

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